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The Plane Crash

A full-size Boeing 727 airliner is crashed into the Sonoran Desert, Mexico by an international team of pilots, scientists and engineers.

A feature-length, one-off special for Channel 4 / Discovery / ProSieben, one of the biggest budget documentaries ever made.  Nominated for BAFTA and Royal Television Society awards.



“One of the most spectacular sights you will ever see on TV”
The Sun


Out of Control?

The story of dramatic new research into the mysterious world of the unconscious mind.  Do you control it… or does it control you?

Filmed in UK, USA (Ohio, New York, Arizona) & Canada.  1×60′ for the BBC’s award-winning science documentary strand, Horizon.


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“Ben Lawrie’s entertaining film observes scientists anaesthetising ants and gluing weeny rucksacks to their backs, ladies knitting inside MRI scanners and a golfer with the yips, all in the interests of revealing the hidden secrets of the human brain”
The London Evening Standard

Seeing Stars


Filmed worldwide throughout the spring and summer of 2011, this 60-minute film for BBC2 follows a new generation of astronomers building super-telescopes in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

If they succeed, they will rewrite the story of the heavens.

“Thrilling”  -  The Times
“Irresistible”  -  Timeout

Japan Earthquake

1×60′ BBC2 documentary made in just 13 days following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.

Professor Iain Stewart examines the causes and consequences of the disaster.

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Surviving a Car Crash


Might fatal car crashes one day be a thing of the past?  This 60-minute film explores how the latest advances in engineering, medicine, psychology and even extreme sports are transforming your chances of survival on the roads.

1 x 60′ for BBC2 filmed in Canada, Sweden & USA (Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida & Michigan).


The Daily Telegraph

 The Ring of Fire

Spectacular study of the volcanoes making up the Pacific Ring of Fire.

CGI, actuality sequences and stunning aerials.  1×45′ for the second installment of History Channel’s Emmy Award winning series ‘How the Earth was Made’.

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The Big Question / Speed Junkie

High-octane stunts galore as presenter Ze Frank explores the world of speed for Discovery Channel.

He warms up slowly with races against an Olympic athlete, the world’s fastest breed of race horse and a record-breaking skydiver… before taking a seat in a school bus retro-fitted with the engine from a Phantom F4 jet fighter.  And all this is before he goes supersonic…

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“Creationism takes a back seat to science at its most spectacular in a superb five-part series about how massive natural disasters have influenced evolution on our planet – not always for the bad”  (The Daily Telegraph).

Landmark series for Channel 4 and Discovery.




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“Catastrophe is a triumph”
The Guardian


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